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Fund raising for the restoration of Casa Consulado, Philippines
8 August 2016
Casa Consulado Museum and Library
Photography ©RJ Eslao
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Moulinet Chocolat milestones: Bridging Philippines & República Dominicana (Part 1 of 2)
07 June 2016
"The packages for (almost all) our supporters have arrived, including two boxes of fermented cacao quarantined for 2-1/2 weeks by the world’s toughest biosecurity agency --- the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries! These beans are for Kiwi chocolatiers, so they can see and taste what South Cotabato has to offer, so expect some updates on that front in the future."
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Bean to bar chocolate making: Step-by-step
17 April 2016
Taken at Damson Craft Chocolate: ingenuous and expertly made, with small scale equipment but consummate skills. Moulinet Chocolat says thank you to Sela Yair for organising the Chocolate Club tour, and Dom Ramsey for generously allowing photograph s of the chocolate kitchen!
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Work in Progress
07 April 2016
"Alan is now embarking on the creation of our Website, to allow those interested in the markets we hope to bring our products into, to purchase directly from us. The website will progressively open up purchasing options in these niche markets, and we hope to have this finished within a reasonably short timespan."
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Constituting chocolate industry knowledge transfer for the Philippines
10 March 2016
"Moulinet Chocolat is now in a conversation with Philippine cacao groups, funding entities, and our British consultants including the following: (i) Cacao Growers’ Association, Region XII-Socsksargen; (ii) Cacao Industry Development Association of Mindanao, Inc.; (iii) Department of Trade and Industry-Davao (DOT) and other Philippine agencies; (iv) Martin Christy, of the Chocolate Tasting Institute and Seventy %"
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The Antipodean Chocolate Trail: New Zealand & Australia

22 February 2016
"We would like to acknowledge our support from Aotearoa, the Land of the Long White Cloud: Dr Rachel Maunganui Wolfgramm and Jim Rolfe; John Wilcox; Toromiro; Piripi Walker, co-founder of Te Upoko o te Ika; The Research Cooperative; and Pamela in Wanaka. And the landscapes of the Dreaming, Tjukurrpa: Dr Grace Laxamana Torres and Ron Torres; and Alyssa Jade Mcdonald-Baertl of Blyss Chocolate who has her feet planted firmly in two continents."
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The Italian Chocolate Trail Update
04 March 2016
"Florence: Now awaiting the results of the International Chocolate Awards, Italian/Mediterranean Competition, held on 26-28 February 2016, at Scuola di Arte Culinaria Cordon Bleu and the beautiful old neighbourhood of Via Giusti!..."
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The Italian Chocolate Trail: Pisa-Florence-Milan-Borgo Priolo!

10 February 2016
"We are pleased to announce that Estela will join her mentors and colleagues at the International Institute of Chocolate Tasting on 25 -29 February 2016 for the judging of the International Chocolate Awards, Italian/Mediterranean competition! The event will be held at Scuola D'Arte Culinaria Cordon Bleu in Florence (Fig. 2)."
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Chocolate a la taza de Filipinas
"Cacao was brought to the Philippines from South America by Spain, and the best known local hot chocolate was served by Fray Salvi in José Rizal’s social satire, Noli Me Tángere (1887). The novel, with a Latin title meaning Touch Me Not (John 20:17), initially translated as Huag Acong Salangin Nino Man (Tagalog, 1906) and The Social Cancer (English, 1912), depicted the hot chocolate drink in this way: ..."
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