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Pepper / Guides
"A Primer on Tasting Chocolate

Story by: Patricia Baes
Filed on: 22 July 2017

"With the rise of great Philippine chocolate and Philippine cacao, the time could not be more ripe to learn how to best appreciate them—what to look out for and how certain qualities in chocolate come about.

We explore the basics of tasting chocolate with insights from Moulinet Chocolat's Estela Duque, who has earned her certification as a chocolate taster, having trained under the International Institute of Chocolate & Cacao Tasting, and gets to exercise her skills as a judge at chocolate competitions abroad."

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Pepper / Features
"Can Philippine Cacao Stand up to The Rest of the World's? Moulinet Chocolat is Making it Happen

Story by: Patricia Baes
Filed on: 09 June 2017

"Cacao has been in our shores for centuries, carrying with it a rich history that goes way back to the days of the Manila Acapulco Galleon Trade. Many believe we have what could be some of the world's best cacao in the world, growing on our own shores. But we're still in the process of fully understanding the world of Philippine chocolate and all it has to offer.

One company aims to help facilitate the learning phase as of current—and in the process, share its unique potential to the world.

Named after the wooden whisk traditionally used for stirring hot chocolate in France that goes by the same name, Moulinet Chocolat is a UK-based company and social enterprise promoting ethical and sustainable practices in the cocoa value chain (that is, the steps making up the process from the cocoa tree to the finished chocolate bar). Initially financed through crowdfunding, this one-woman venture in the UK (supported by a network of cousins in the Philippines and New Zealand-based co-founder, Alan Benton) is now working to establish Philippine cacao in the world market by solidifying its identity and connecting our seeds and bars to makers and enthusiasts the world over.""

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Get Reading / Business

"Reading chocolate company Moulinet Chocolat starts crowdfunding campaign"

Story by: Megan Fisher
Filed on: 21 Jan 2016

"An social entrepreneur from West Reading is fundraising for her ethical chocolate family company this January.

Estela Duque is the founder of Moulinet Chocolat and aims to kick start the company with a Crowdfunder campaign. Ms Duque, who is originally from The Philippines, is hoping to reach her target of £11,000 to create two separate ideas.

She has already raised a total of £1,450 with 13% of the project backed.

One part is for the UK based company and the second is for a fine chocolate co-operative in the Phillippines.

If successful, the co-operative will be the Philippines' first non-government forum.

"It's crucial to have sustainability and an ethical trade for workers"

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